Types of Bouquets

Bouquets by Angela currently offers 11 different styles of bouquets using fabric, ribbon and paper flowers with additional embellishments and greenery. Working within your budget, theme and vision Bouquets by Angela will help make your special day one to remember. Scroll down for descriptions and sample photos of each type of bouquet

Biedermeier Bouquet

Biedermeier (bee-der-my-er) bouquets are named after a German-style of interior designing and is the most popular bouquet at Bouquets by Angela. Biedermeiers are characterized by a tight, round arrangement of flowers. You can create a simple bouquet or select multiple colours and textures to create a truly stunning, grand centerpiece for the wedding ceremony. A foam half-ball creates the foundation of this bouquet with flowers, greenery, and embellishments glued to the base. By using a candlestick as a ‘stem’ this bouquet is able stand upright without the need for a vase or separate stand. Sizes range from 6″ to 12″ in diameter and bouquets start at $100.00

Nosegay Bouquet

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Nosegay bouquets are what most couples think of when they begin planning their wedding bouquets. Similar to the biedermeier bouquet, nosegays are round in appearance but are small and compact in size with flowers arranged in a near and tidy manner. Because of their size, this type of bouquet is also similar to the posy bouquet except that nosegays have more emphasis placed on the greenery. Nosegays look best when formed using a mix of different flower colours and textures with complementing tones. All bouquets are assembled with individual wire stems that are wrapped together using a length of ribbon. Nosegay bouquets typically feature one large focal flower that draws attention to the floral arrangement. Prices for a nosegay bouquet start at $75.00.

Posy Bouquet

Posy bouquets are adorable and are among the classical bouquets for weddings with a more minimalist look. They are small with little to no greenery and can easily be held in one hand. Posies are well suited for anyone planning to wear heavy jewelry and fancy accessories who wants a small and simple bouquet to avoid a wedding look that is too busy. These bouquets can be assembled similarly to a biedermeier with a candlestick stem that could double as a centerpiece or as a nosegay with individual wired stems wrapped in ribbon. Their round, compact form coupled with a neat and orderly look is what makes posy bouquets a timeless beauty. Prices for a posy bouquet start at $50.00.

Cascade/Waterfall Bouquet

Cascade bouquets are one of the more dramatic styles provided by Bouquets by Angela. They typically feature a mix of beautiful flowers, long-trailing greenery and draping embellishments. When put together, the end result is a magnificent arrangement that is nothing short of being a literal ‘waterfall’ of flowers. If you are looking for wars to make a strong style statement on your wedding day, look no further than cascade bouquets. Their inverted teardrop shape looks impressive against gowns and is ideal for high-end weddings as well as casual or themed weddings. At Bouquets by Angela, cascade bouquets are made with a small to medium foam dome base that holds the flowers to the top of the inverted teardrop with the trailing greenery creating the point. Additional flowers and draping embellishments can be added to emphasize the shape. A candlestick is used a stem so that the bouquet can stand upright and double as head-table decor. Fabric and ribbon flowers are an excellent alternative to real flowers for this style of bouquet because they are lighter so you can still have a large bouquet even if you are not wanting something heavy. These bouquets can be very large to medium-sized depending on your vision with prices starting at $150.00.

Cascade Imitation Bouquet

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Cascade imitation bouquets are by far the most glamourous of the bouquet styles offered by Bouquets by Angela. Due to the large amount of embellishments used in these bouquets prices start at $200.00.

Crescent Bouquet

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Crescent bouquets are similar to cascade/waterfall bouquets but with more greenery draping to the sides to create the crescent moon shape. Bold but compact flowers are arranged on a small to medium foam dome base with tapered ferns, vines and other greenery forming the narrow edges. Prices for this style of bouquet start at $150.00.

Composite/Glamelia Bouquet

Composite bouquets are an alternative to the more conventional bouquets and look like one large flower. When using real flowers a florist will wire individual petals piece-by-piece to make one large bloom. It is a very labour-intensive process which makes composite bouquets using real flowers more expensive. However, Bouquets by Angela uses progressively wider layers of fabric to create the final look which makes it a much more budget-friendly option if you have your heart set on a composite bouquet. Prices for this type of bouquet start at $50.00.

Hand-Tied Bouquet

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Perfect for rustic and bohemian weddings, a hand-tied bouquet is just what the name suggests; a bundle of flowers tied manually using ribbon or a piece of fabric. Hand-tied bouquets are known for their casual look that stems from the loose and slightly messy floral arrangement that features a selection of flowers with individual wire stems gathered together with various greenery. Prices start at $50.00.

Wreath Bouquet

Wreath bouquets are an excellent choice of bouquet for anyone wanting a less traditional approach. Using a circular base for structure, flowers and optional greenery and embellishments are wired into position to create a light-weight bouquet. These bouquets are budget friendly and can double as wall decoration at the reception as well as be kept for years as an heirloom wall hanging. The base, flowers, greenery, and any additional embellishments will affect the overall cost of this type of bouquet but prices start at $80.00.

Fan Bouquet

Fan bouquets show that anything can be a bouquet and couples are only limited by their imagination. Ideal for vintage and tropical weddings, fan bouquets are a really attractive floral arrangement. With this style of bouquet, a hand-fan is used as a base with flowers, greenery and embellishments added to create the final look. The cost of this type of bouquet will vary greatly depending on the fan, flowers, greenery and embellishments so a starting cost cannot be provided. If this is a style of interest Bouquets by Angela will work within your budget to create something beautiful.

Pomander/Kissing Ball Bouquet

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Pomander bouquets are unlike any other. They are constructed on a foam ball base and consist of a ribbon handle that is held in a handbag-like style. Alternatively, they can be displayed around the venue or hung on trees for outdoor weddings. A smaller version can also be worn on wrists by the wedding party. Pomander bouquets are often accentuated by embellishment on or around the blooms. Prices start at $50.00.

Basket Bouquet

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As the name suggests, basket bouquets refer to a bunch of flowers arranged in a basket or any other similar container. They are a popular choice for garden and themed weddings and decorating other open-sky venues. They are treasured for their rustic charm. Prices start at $50.00.

Presentation Bouquet

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Presentation bouquets are commonly called pageant bouquets because they are usually used in pageant competitions. A rather large floral arrangement, these bouquets feature crisp and elegant flowers that evoke a lavish and luxurious look. The overall size of the bouquet can vary but the extravagance is never affected. Prices start at $75.00.

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