Bouquets by Angela is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario and began in July 2018 when Angela got engaged. Being a crafty person, she wanted a unique bouquet that would be a personal touch to her special day. With a little trial and error she learned how to make ribbon and fabric flowers and was on her way to making her wedding day vision a reality.

By using ribbon, fabric and various embellishments the possibilities are endless.

Each piece is a hand-made work of art that can be kept as an heirloom for years to come.

Whether your theme is rustic, glamorous, Gothic, Lego or anything in between, let Bouquets by Angela help you make your vision a reality for a truly memorable event.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are ribbon and fabric flowers better than real flowers?

The short answer is ribbon and fabric flowers are not better or worse than real flowers and it all depends on the circumstances of your special day as to which is better suited.

Real flowers will decompose but ribbon and fabric flowers can be kept as an heirloom. With ribbon and fabric flowers you also do not have to worry about them wilting before the ceremony.

What are some of the benefits of using ribbon and fabric flowers?

We love real flowers but there is a time and place for ribbon and fabric flowers too. Some reasons ribbon and fabric flowers are a good idea are:

Flowers do not have to be in season. The one difficult thing about fresh flowers is that you may not always have access to your favourite flowers throughout the year. With ribbon and fabric flowers even a winter wedding can be full of rich colour.

They do not cause allergies. If you are an allergy sufferer you might not want to use real flowers on your special day.

They can live anywhere and travel well. If you decide on an outdoor ceremony you can count on ribbon and fabric flowers not drying out or withering quickly due to excess sunlight. Equally, in winter, when the heating is cranked it can also cause real floral arrangements to wilt before the ceremony begins. Ribbon and fabric flowers also travel very well and are a great option for those that do not live near a florist.

There are no floral surprises the day of the wedding. Bouquets by Angela is in constant communication during the creation process and clients see their arrangements before the actual day of their wedding. You will know exactly what you are getting and can make adjustments as needed prior to the big day.

They can double as centrepieces. If you are on a tight budget the ribbon and fabric flower arrangements used for the ceremony can double as centrepieces at the reception.

Additional embellishments can glam up an otherwise simple arrangement.

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